Thursday, December 28, 2017

Aaron Woodman Consulting - A Great Real Estate Connection To Have

I wanted to take a moment and commend a great connection that I ran into a few weeks back. Aaron Woodman. I ran into Aaron at the airport while traveling. After exchanging contact details, we went our separate ways. A few months later, I needed some sound advice on a real estate deal. I remembered connecting with Aaron, and decided to reach out.

Connecting with Aaron is like speaking to an old friend. It was a very friendly conversation that involved a lot of advice to help with my decision. The great thing about Aaron, he was very honest and open about the pros and cons of my investment idea and gave his solid opinion through the entire way. Very pleased with having a professional walk me through the strange world of real estate, this was my third real estate deal so I didn't have a lot of experience under the belt.

I Recommend Aaron Woodman For Consulting

For any real estate advice, I always feel comfortable discussing options with Aaron. He has a real knack for the industry which makes it comforting when he gives me a go ahead with a deal. I've had really complex deals to work with, multiple investors with many of them not local to me. Aaron has always been in my corner.

Joseph Torres

California Media Group

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hummingbird Redux - Great Marketing Tool

I had the opportunity to play around with Hummingbird Redux for a few weeks. I'm very happy with the results so far. I had a very small account and managed to grow it into a 5k page. Working steadily on growing my retweets and favorites. That increases daily from continued use of the program. I would highly recommend reading more about it. It's geared towards safely building your followers which I really like.

Hummingbird Redux didn't have any bugs that I had to report. It operated very smooth and didn't give me any issues with hanging or stalling. I had a few programs prior that would stall and become very unreliable. I'm happy to say that Hummingbird Redux is still doing a great job.

I just need to vest a bit more time into making a few more account for my brand and expand into different niches. Redux will probably help me once I get around to tackling that task.

The key to Twitter is patience. It would take forever to build these damn accounts if I didn't use programs like this.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BeatPlugg Joins Forces With California Media Group As Lead Beat Producer

After weeks of negotiation, we're happy to announce that BeatPlugg has joined California Media Group as our sole media and music producer. It comes with no hesitation to consider BeatPlugg as our primary music producer with his outstanding music background and history or working with famous brand like Soulja Boy.

BeatPlugg has an outstanding history of producing quality beats for artists. He has countless positive reviews and an outstanding following online through his fans. He continues to grow and work with more and more celebrities which only continues to build the BeatPlugg name. We encourage all of our peers to follow BeatPlugg.

Jacob Allenborn


California Media Group